Apr 07

How To Quit Smoking With E Cigarettes

Over the past few years, e cigarettes have become all the rage. The reason for this product’s popularity is that it is an effective smoking cessation tools. People who have never used e-cigarettes before may be asking themselves “what are e-cigs and what do they do?”.

What is an E-cigarette?

An electronic cigarette is a battery operated device that resembles a tobacco cigarette. The difference is that it does not contain the same harmful ingredients as regular cigarettes.

What it does contain is a small amount of nicotine. This nicotine will help people with withdrawal symptoms while they are quitting smoking.

Why Are E-Cigs Such an Effective Stop Smoking Tool?

Because e-cigs do not contain ingredients like tar and chemicals, they are a healthy alternative to regular cigarettes. Their appearance and nicotine content make smokers feel like they are smoking a real cigarette.

The smoke that e-cigs emit is not in fact “smoke”. It is a water vapor that is safe for smokers and those around them.

In short, e-cigs replicate the real smoking experience without any of the dangerous side effects. While smokers use the product, their body slowly stops relying on nicotine. Eventually, they will find that they no longer crave cigarettes and give up the e-cigs altogether.

How to Buy E-cigs

E-cigarettes can be purchased online. While the initial pack may seem expensive, consumers need to remember it is a starter pack. Starter packs come complete with cigarettes, a charger and refills. Some even have a small container of flavored e liquid. This is great for those who like smoking flavored tobacco.

Those who are skeptical about e-cigs should give them a chance. As they are affordable, easily obtainable and harmless smokers have nothing to lose by trying to smoke e cigarettes.